Thursday, August 16, 2012

My Talented Daughter

I spent 10 days with Melissa, David, Trevor and Spencer! It was wonderful to just hang with them. We did a lot of fun things together: library, swimming, IKEA, McDonald's, Woodland's Mall...the list goes on. The first day I was there, Melissa surprised me with the beginnings of this fabulous quilt. She cuts circles of denim, and then squares of batting and the coordinating colors. It is quite the process to put it altogether and she did it before I left!!! I LOVE IT!!!! I am so overwhelmed at the thought of the time and effort she made to do this for me...and her dad. I will PROUDLY use it at the BSU games and will display at home during away games. What a keepsake and Jeffrey...NO you CANNOT have it!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Lights Out!!!

We had Joan, Al, and Sydnie over one evening between Christmas and New Years for Hindley Beans and talk about a wonderful event that will soon take place. My sainted mother-in-law, Lucile Curtis Braithwaite Johnson, was a very talented artist and will be featured at the Boise Historical Museum in March. Well, we had them all over to discuss and find information that is needed by the museum. About 35 minutes before they were to arrive the power went out in a freakish thunder and lightening storm.
Well, not much we could do so we ate by candle light and I have to say it was one of the most enjoyable, fun and delighful evenings we have ever shared.

Football, December, Wedding- Oh My!

What is it about blogging these days. I think with Facebook and Pinterest on the scene, those of us who were so into blogging are finding it hard to make time and to hold the interest. But I have to say, that I spent a few minutes looking back on past posts and I am so glad that I had them. Memories came flooding back, a few tears shed and a whole lot of joy swept through me. So I have decided to do better. I am not going to try to catch up but I am going to post some things that will be out of order but events that I want documented. So here goes.
We had a great time cheering on our Broncos! I figured we have been going to Bronco games for about 35 years. We are not BANDWAGONNEERS!!!! And we have been season ticket holders since Kevin was 6 years old. He is nearly 20! I think this qualifies us as TRUE BLUE and ORANGE FANS!!!!

We love going to the games with Sydnie and this year our good friends the Wards bought our other 2 tickets and have joined us. You can tell by our "GARB" that we don't care how we look, we LOVE our BRONCOS!
Andrea and Laura gave Valerie a bridal shower early in December. It was so fun and I think Valerie loved having her friends and family help her celebrate!
Michael will love having pancakes on that new griddle!
And of course we celebrated Christmas! I am so thankful for the holiday season. I watch White Christmas and/or Holiday Inn everyday! Pathetic you say? Why yes it is!!!! I love having our family around and this year was a special one having another missionary serving the Lord. Kevin sounded great when we talked to him. He loves his mission and the people of Indonesia. He even got to dress up as Santa and spread a little Christmas cheer in his area. Manado, is mostly Christian, which is unusual in Indonesia. But they had some pretty wild traditions and Kevin was able to experience some of them.

Somewhere in all the hub-bub of the holidays we had Luke and Jack over. I thought this was a cute picture of them. And of course the Cutler girls, not sure where Callie was, were looking adorable in the holiday headbands and hats. We missed the Joneses, this was their Christmas with the Jones family in Texas.
It was another successful holiday season and then came the event of the new year.

It was a beautiful day. It snowed and the temple grounds were breath-taking. But the blushing bride stole the show. Valerie was so stunning and Michael was one happy groom. The sealing was one of the most beautiful I had ever witnessed and I have to say that I have never seen Michael so happy. The look on his face as he looked at his beautiful bride across the alter was PRICELESS!!! Although it was cold, we had some nice pictures taken and then had a delicious lunch at the Old Spaghetti Factory.
Words cannot express my feelings. Having my children in the temple, in that Holy place, was all I could ever ask for. I have to say that I am so excited for the day Kevin gets married. (not that I am rushing him- he is still on his mission for heaven's sakes) but I will then have ALL of my children in the House of the Lord. What more could a mother want. We also had all eight of our amazingly beautiful grandchildren with us. Papa George and I wanted a picture of them touching the doors of the temple. Our hope is that they will always remember the feelings they have when they are near a temple and want to go there someday!
Here are a few pictures of that wonderful day. Welcome to this crazy, but loving family Valerie Michelle JOHNSON!!!!! We love you!

I love this picture of Jack at the luncheon. He LOVES his Busketti!!!!!

A week later they had their reception. It was held at the Two Rivers Clubhouse and was a wonderful evening. Melissa and the boys were able to spend about 10 days with us and we LOVED it! The reception was lovely and we were so grateful to all our wonderful friends who took the time to share this joyous occasion with us.

I am so thankful for my growing family. My heart is full as I think of Andrea and Ryan with their beautiful girls. Madilyn 8, Mia 6, Carrie 4, and Callie 2. Melissa and David and their handsome boys. Trevor 5 and Spencer 2. Jeffrey and Laura and their adorable boys. Jack 3 and Luke 20 months.
The newest family. Michael and Valerie. And Kevin. My missionary.
There is a saying that goes something like this...
"All because two people fell in love." George is the love of my life. I am so blessed to have him as my friend, soul mate and eternal companion. As a mother I can only pray and hope that my children will find the same in their spouse. I think so far so good!
I love you all.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Official Engagement Pictures

I know. I have A LOT of catchup to do, (Cmas break, maybe?) but I had to add this post NOW! Michael and Valerie are getting married on Jan. 7, 2012, in the Salt Lake Temple. They will have reception on the 14th, here in Boise.
All I could say when I saw these pictures was:
" WOW- I am going to have BEE-UUU-TEE-FUL grandbabies!"
Wouldn't you agree????

And this one OOZES romance!

Sunday, October 23, 2011


The future...Mrs. Michael Forrest Johnson!!!

I am proud to announce the engagement of our son Michael, to the lovely Valerie Holmes. We are so excited to have her in our family and hope that she will come to love us, like we love her. They have a funny story about how they finally came to know they were in love, they will have to share it. But nonetheless, we are so thrilled to add another member to the family.
The date is set for January 7th in the Salt Lake Temple, with a reception here in Boise on January 14th.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Elder Kevin C. Johnson

Kevin has been gone 6 months! I have done a HORRIBLE job keeping his blog up to date and so this will be the week to get it done. I just couldn't let this memorable milestone go by without mention and we got this picture of Kevin, that says it all.
Check his blog in a few days for the updates!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Behind in Posts BUT Gotta Give LOVE to the BRONCOS!!!

"With precision and power, with patience and poise, with the same consistent effort that has pushed them up the national rankings and into the national discussion, the Broncos went across the country and beat a ranked team from a major conference, this time toppling tradition-rich Georgia of the mighty SEC in the Chick-fil-A Kickoff Game.

“They just beat us tonight. They were better than we were. I understand that and the players understand that,” Georgia coach Mark Richt said.

Boise State did it again. They’ve exposed that argument again. Exposed the haters as just that. They’ve quieted some doubters and enraged some others.

Yes, the Broncos did it again.

And if everything goes just right, the Broncos might find themselves ending the year against another SEC team in another SEC city.

New Orleans, anyone?"

(Exerpts from the Idaho Statesman.)

We spent the evening watching the game at Jeff and Laura's! We watched Jack hit the baseball...I mean a real hard ball with a metal bat. Let me tell you...the kid can HIT the ball. He has all the moves. The nod, wind-up when he pitches. And the batting stance is legit! He is so cute. And Luke is right behind him!
We enjoyed pizza, well most of us did; I was too nervous to eat! And Laura made her famous chocolate chip cookie pie for dessert. It was FABULOUS! And the game was SPECTACULAR!
Jack and I now have our own celebration routine, and it is AWESOME!!!
Aren't they adorable BSU fans!!!