Sunday, September 4, 2011

Behind in Posts BUT Gotta Give LOVE to the BRONCOS!!!

"With precision and power, with patience and poise, with the same consistent effort that has pushed them up the national rankings and into the national discussion, the Broncos went across the country and beat a ranked team from a major conference, this time toppling tradition-rich Georgia of the mighty SEC in the Chick-fil-A Kickoff Game.

“They just beat us tonight. They were better than we were. I understand that and the players understand that,” Georgia coach Mark Richt said.

Boise State did it again. They’ve exposed that argument again. Exposed the haters as just that. They’ve quieted some doubters and enraged some others.

Yes, the Broncos did it again.

And if everything goes just right, the Broncos might find themselves ending the year against another SEC team in another SEC city.

New Orleans, anyone?"

(Exerpts from the Idaho Statesman.)

We spent the evening watching the game at Jeff and Laura's! We watched Jack hit the baseball...I mean a real hard ball with a metal bat. Let me tell you...the kid can HIT the ball. He has all the moves. The nod, wind-up when he pitches. And the batting stance is legit! He is so cute. And Luke is right behind him!
We enjoyed pizza, well most of us did; I was too nervous to eat! And Laura made her famous chocolate chip cookie pie for dessert. It was FABULOUS! And the game was SPECTACULAR!
Jack and I now have our own celebration routine, and it is AWESOME!!!
Aren't they adorable BSU fans!!!


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Yes they are the two cutest BSU fans, well maybe next to you and Sydnie. :)